Who Else Wants to Earn $83,000 Each and Every Month as an

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Ready to transition out of your current career or ministry and make a difference as an author, speaker or coach? If so, it’s time you discover...

...If you’re ready to build your 7-figure expert empire in just three months, this is the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Dr. Keith Johnson

In Speaking for Change I walk you through everything you need to go from on-stage rookie to crafting and delivering transformational talks to your ideal audience. I include my easy-to-use 8 step speech tool that helps anyone create an inspirational speech that makes such an impact on the audience they desire to follow you and buy your products. You will also learn how to handle the marketing and business side of the industry to maximize profits without all the headaches.

I had one goal in creating Write Your Way to Millions. To take people who’ve always dreamed of writing their own book to launching it as a best-seller in less than 30 days. That’s right, using my proven secret template, in just one month you could be holding in your hand your first professionally published book. What’s more is you could be paid for it before you ever even put pen to paper.

It seems like everyone online is a coach these days. But few people can easily attract their ideal client, deliver quick results and keep them paying thousands of dollars month after month. In Cracking the Coaching Code I reluctantly but generously give you the hidden secrets and the ability to use my trademarked Destiny Coaching Tools I’ve discovered and developed on my journey to becoming and remaining America’s #1 Confidence Coach.

Inside 83K Academy You Will Learn Industry Trade Secrets Like…


●     The exact email template I use to book lucrative speaking opportunities

●     The magical 9 words to get an extra $4,000 from each gig

●     How to make $70,000 in product sales from live events

●     Selling from the stage while other speakers go home broke

●     Publishing a best-selling book in less than 30 days

●     How to become a chart topping Amazon best-selling author

●     Attracting wealthy clients that hang on to your every word

●     Repelling pain in the butt clients while landing world-shakers and history makers

●     Crafting a sticky brand that gets media attention

●     A little-known tax strategy used by Walmart that can make you an extra $276,349 this year

●     How to get celebrity endorsements to boost your sales by 1,000%

●     Landing your first six-figure client even if no one has ever heard of you

●     Getting corporate clients to pay you $12,000 for a 20 minute speech

●     Becoming a social media sensation and breaking the internet like a Kardashian

●     How to travel first class to exotic destinations for free

●     And so much more!

What’s the Catch?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of the program, I have to admit something to you. I can’t teach my most jealously-guarded industry secrets to just anyone. While you may be ready to pull the trigger, you must go through an exclusive application process. If you want me to help you build your million dollar expert empire. You can do that below.

No one has ever released a program this comprehensive on this subject. First of all, very few people ever reach the level of success I have. In a speaking tour I was traveling with I was told that out of ten other speakers, I was one of the few that earned 7-figures. The rest of the speakers were leasing Lamborghinis and renting mansions on AirBnB for their social media posts. Disgusting. The average speaker was only pulling in $36,000 while pretending to be something they were not, successful.


The other reason you don’t see programs like this is because for the amount of value it would bring to an aspiring expert, a coach would have to charge an astronomical amount of money. For instance, the value of this program with the three courses alone is $16,000. But I’m not stopping with just those.

One of the perks of being coaching on your expert business by America’s #1 Confidence Coach is access to The Vault. Inside is every program I’ve ever created. Not only will you grow in your confidence as you begin to speak in front of others, grow your business and demand higher fees, but you’ll also get to use my life’s work as a tool to help you craft your own programs and courses to deliver results for your clients.

This is my exclusive group of successful entrepreneurs who strategize together on how to make, keep and multiply their wealth. This is a hand-selected group focused on one thing, positioning ourselves for the greatest outpouring of the glory and the gold stored up for the people of God.

What Other Students Are Saying…

Martijn van Tilborgh

CEO Four Rivers Media

Coach Shari D.

Recent Student

Dr. Lexi Lain

83K Student

Earl Hollister

83K Student

Debra Wright

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Gert Meyer

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Ray Zimmerman

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83K Student

Micheal Hall


“…Since the completion of the coaching program…I agreed to take a coaching project on and this has meant an additional $7,000 per month increase in my income and $84,000 per year.”


Pastor Adam Davis

Elevate Church, Monroe, MI

I increased my income by over $40,000 by starting my coaching business.”





Chief Andy Harvey

Author of Excellence in Policing

“As a result of this program, I was promoted from Major to Chief of Police, I wrote my first book, my speaking engagements have increased and my coaching business is continuing to grow. I am bringing in an extra $4,000 + per month on the side.”

Today’s Decision Is Tomorrow’s Reality.

Right now it’s go time. Life moves at the speed of decision. On the other side of obedience are the millions of lives that will be transformed by your message. Wealth is simply God’s reward for serving his people. Commit to building the dream of your heart.

Be Confident, Live Wealthy, and Make a Difference!

The 83K Academy is a personal mentoring experience to help the top students launch and grow their expert businesses. That’s why I can only accept a very small group into the program. If this is you, apply right now as we are beginning our class soon. Fill out your application right away to lock into your spot!

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